Handcrafted with Love

How are high quality leather bags made? It’s a simple recipe - bring the highest quality leathers to highly skilled craftsmen, perfect it over 3 decades and lo!

Picture your favorite meal, the one that reminds you of home, love and happiness. My favorite is my mum’s dal – chawal  (red lentils simmered in ghee, cumin, garlic, green chilies and tomatoes, served with hot rice). Nothing beats simple ingredients brought together with love that leads to an excellent outcome. Our craftsmen have been handcrafting leather goods with the same love and care for over 3 decades. Our family of over 40 craftsmen and women come from all over India, and have settled north of Mumbai. While our team is diverse, our core mission is the same, to deliver customer delight in everything we do – whether it’s the stitch of a seam or the crease in package. We believe every little detail matters and we strive for excellence in our work and customer care.

Our Leather: It all starts with material that mankind has been using for over 5000 years, leather. The type of leather often makes the difference between a bag that starts cracking in 6 months and versus one that lasts. 

For this reason, we use only the most premium quality of full-grain leather, sourced domestically and internationally. Our inner lining is made of cotton twill, to ensure your belongings get the highest level of care and protection.

Our Process: Each of our styles is handcrafted in batches of 20-30 units each. Our process consists of 4 core activities: cutting, skiving, assembly and quality checking. In each step craftsmen first check the outputs of the previous step. The final quality check is done in a separate department which thoroughly reviews the finished good to ensure it meets Navie’s quality standards. 

Our Belief: Our team pays attention to every detail, every cut and every stitch. Our goal is to create the perfect piece, and this takes time. We believe producing 20 perfect pieces in each batch is far more important than 20 pieces an hour.

Have more questions about Navie’s small batches? Send us a note at customercare@navielifestyle.com

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