Musing from Our Founder - Flow

This poem came through me on a beautiful day not too long ago. I put my pen to paper, it wrote itself, I experienced flow. Would love to share with the world and hear if this rings a bell, don't hesitate, do tell!

You open your eyes into an interpreted world,
That you try to make sense of by acting bold.
A grand vision is put together,
To be a champion, a global winner,
I don’t care if you become thinner,
Not a matter if you skip dinner.
Many competitors to beat to reach the top,
If I don’t do that, I’m just another drop.
In millions I have to inspire awe,
But that, I now realize, is a flaw.
Logic may fail and it makes no sense,
But a drop is just the ocean in essence.

Just being here is a grand feat,
Oh the flower smells so sweet.
So many things fall into place,
For me to lie in this space.
I wonder, I theorize, contemplate, try to trace,
Only to realize I am sitting in the lap of grace.
Why does the wind flow, and the heart feel,
No one knows why I like the color teal.
Hey I’m too small to know the whole deal,
simply thankful for my breath, my next meal.
Its magic, it’s truly a gift,
It’s like traveling on a cordless lift.
I wake up every morning in the suns glow,
It’s truly a joy to live life in flow.

I remember starting the Navie journey, happened in a very similar way. Inspiration was born and manifested itself as a wonderful concrete outcome, that keeps growing everyday. I am truly grateful to all who have made this a living dream, for me and the whole Navie team. 

At Navie, we try everyday to create products that are truly companions for a life in flow, from the boardroom to the café, to the beach.

Best wishes and sincere gratitude.

Abhishek Siddhanthi (Abi)

Photo Credit: Photo by Aleksandr Neplokhov from Pexels


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