Our Story

The story of Navie is an expression of the limitless possibilities that life offers. It exemplifies the letting go of limiting ideas to let inspiration emerge and direct life. Our founders, Rupal and Abhishek (Abi) just followed their inspiration and things started falling into place beautifully. We coined the name Navie from the understanding and appreciation of "Life is ever-new". Rupal and Abi are originally from India and live in Texas. They love collaborating on creative projects and Navie is their second best creation, with the first being their daughter Rhea.


About our Founders
After working for a decade in supply chain operations and business, Abi decided to follow his inspiration to start navielifestyle.com. He took a trip from his home in Texas, to his homeland, India. Through his journey, he realized he had one companion bearing the delays, sights and sounds with him - his aging weathered duffel bag. And while the bag started out with holding his belongings just fine, it left much to be desired in design, durability and function. As luck may have it, the bag fell apart and an idea came together. Abi is a free-spirited engineer. He is passionate about perfection - in both product design and process management and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the Navie product line.

Rupal is a supply chain guru and a passionate problem solver with a keen eye for aesthetics. She brings over 10 years of experience in supply chain, operations and business. Rupal has an engineering background and constantly pushes the team to aspire for perfection while keeping a strong focus on customer experience.

The Journey
The process of building Navie started as an inspiration. Following the inspiration was countless hours spent in planning, designing, building, executing and improving. We made multiple trips to India to work with our manufacturing partners who are relentless in their pursuit of perfection and make us proud everyday. 

A fine day in 2019, on the way to the factory..


A long day of making important design decisions..


Our Inspiration
Our inspiration for the Navie lifestyle is mother nature, and how she nurtures and hones all of creation. She’s a hard-hearted yet loving teacher who constantly challenges us to grow. Those who accept, emerge and bloom as they season. You have to be rugged to bear the blows and fall face first. You have to be refined to embrace failure and celebrate each fall. You have to be regal to trust that whatever happens you are going to handle it. Be Rugged. Be Refined. Be Regal. Be Navie.